Broadband Adoption

As of March 2004, most users in the US connect to the Internet using dial-up modems of 56Kbps or less.

  • 44.42% use 56Kbps modems,
  • 6.88% use 28/33.3Kbps, and
  • 2.73% use 14.4Kbps modems.
  • 54.03% of home users in total in the US connect to the Internet at 56Kbps or less

Broadband penetration in US homes increased by 0.82% in March.

  • As of March 2004 broadband penetration was at 45.97%, up from 45.15% in February
  • The average increase in broadband was 0.76% per month from October 1999 to February 2004.
  • Broadband share in the US should exceed 50% by July of 2004.

[Center for Media Research]

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