Quick Office 2004 Report

As mentioned earlier, I downloaded the demo of Office 2004

So I want to like Entourage…

  • I like the 3 pane effect, though wish there was a better way to move between things with the keyboard.
  • IMAP support is funky! I was hoping it would improve, but I am getting strange errors saying wacky stuff about my server connection when it just works in Mail.app. I do not want multiple inboxes or to be forced into using IMAP only folders for certain rules… but that is how it seems Entourage continues to work.
  • I really like how each mailbox breaks the view into days for quick scanning, but what about threads?? I find that threads are a great way to follow conversations and appreciate that Mail is able to track things as threads even when the subject line changes through reply.
  • Entourage did my import from Mail (not even sure how many thousands of messages I have) in about 10 minutes which is well done I think. I was not pleased to find things from my main Inbox sorted to the trash… emails I sent were also somehow thought to be Junk which is not that cool, but perhaps because my main email is the same as my domain and not a real word.

I’m sticking with Mail. I like some things but don’t like too many other details to endure then to switch. Your mileage may vary, much of my discovery and usage is personal…

I have yet to try the Project Manager and Notes/Outliner which is supposed to be a rip-off of one of my favorite apps Notetaker, but doubt that they will sway me to switch mail clients for now…

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