Shame on the Apple Marketing Department

So perhaps it’s not the worst offense, but it is quite surprising that I received an email with a 60 Day free offer to .sign up for .Mac as an existing customer! I don’t need and probably can’t even use the 60 day free trial to extend my account as the link bypasses my stored cookie.

I expect Apple to know better and to be able to perform some basic list segmentation against their customers… this is not the way to build loyalty for paid services. If you’d like to join, perhaps this is your chance to do it.

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  1. A sour note for the Apple brigade –

    I bought an Ipod for my 11 year olds birthday. He was rapt. We plugged it in to find we needed an upgrade on panther we had installed. Panther does everything I need it to do so don’t need to upgrade immediately, also, the extra $200 to upgrade is not in his birthday budget as we already spent the $200 to buy the Ipod. We had an 11 year old in tears.

    My gripes are

    1. No where in any writing above 3 point in size does it say you need the very latest in software to run the thing.

    2. None of the resellers told us we need the latest upgrades (many of them are completely unaware of the issue)

    3. How difficult is it to download music and video (Do you need a whole new system do do a relatively simple task.

    4. Have you read any of the blogs on the new Ipods. You are aware how many pissed off clients you are creating. (Very bad publicity guys) The number one rule in marketing, don’t piss off the clients. A lot of people have bought these things and found they can’t use them without paying the extra $200. So are returning them.

    5. I am returning mine.

    6. Last and most importantly, A little 11 year old boy (who used to think Macs were great) now thinks Apple Macs SUCK. He’s going to tell a lot of other little boys. I won’t be buying another Mac as from what I can gather the PC world doesn’t do this to their people.

    If you had any courage you would-

    1) Respond to this email

    2) Publish these comments

    Sorry Guys, the reviewers are going to have a field day with this after I send it out to all the major magazines, news outlets, consumer mags and sites, etc, etc etc.

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