A Hacker’s Guide To RFID

Forbes reports on a method recently revealed to take advantage of a security hole in RFID tags… fortunately for retailers these are not in too massive a distribution. The program to do it all is freely available…

A would-be scofflaw heads into a grocery store where all the products have RFID tags on them. Rather than paying $7 for a bottle of shampoo, he’d rather pay $3. To make that happen, he whips out a PDA equipped with an RFID reader and scans the tag on the shampoo. He replaces that information with data from the tag on a $3 carton of milk and uploads it to the shampoo bottle tag. When he reaches the check-out stand–which just happens to be automated–he gets charged $3 instead of $7, with the store’s computer systems none the wiser. [Forbes.com]

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