Watch Out Google…well not quite

I just caught this item from Mark Cuban …

Im working with a company called ( IceRocket is a brand new search host that combines the best of spidered search, meta search, and what we hope are some unique and different features that make using the engine more efficient and addictive. [Blog Maverick]

I shot over and gave it a shot, skipping the usual search on the page stuff and heading right for some of the unique features which immediately appealed to my mobile senses. You can search via email for search, news and pictures with an email to either, or I did one of each for a work project on the search and news and decided to see what might come back with pictures of the “Treo 610.” I was disappointed with the results.

Search works… I can see using this on occassion, but you’ll still have to click through to get detail greater than a search result. News came back blank, with a link to click for the next 5 items… not too cool considering the same topic is something I track with Google News and have gotten a few alerts already today. Pictures though was by far the most interesting and unfortunatley disappointing… My “Treo 610” search came back with links to overweight people and some other random stuff…not even close.

I’d say Google still has the edge.

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