OneNote won’t install

I’ve been really itching to try OneNote on my work PC in order to keep all my info organized and tagged as I’ve heard you can do. Microsoft released a 60 day demo download and just announced a price reduction ($99), but with all this I am still running into a wall. It seems that regardless of the number of times I download the demo installer I get a fatal error during installation. That’s literally the error I get while the .exe upacks itself.

Searched the MS forums and the only thought has been to delete cache from IE (done a few times) and try again. I’ve tried using Firefox to download but I get the same error. Not sure what the issue might be… it’s quite frustrating though.

In related news I also downloaded a demo of GoBinder which is a competitive product but in addition to completely nuking my Palm sync, it never ran since they never emailed a reg number for the demo.

Not exactly sure what’s up with this particular software market, but something’s missing…

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