T-Mobile HotSpot Connection Manager

The T-Mobile HotSpot Connection Manager is actually quite good in my quick tests. I am able to not only see but also connect to hotspots from my hotel that I was not able to do so prevoiusly the past few nights. It’s easy to scan and connect and seems to work with the VPN software I’ve got for remote access as well. It’s a combo stumbler, connection manager… I am not connected to a TMO hotspot at the moment, it’s just called SF and I honestly have no idea where it is… Guess I could have saved a few bucks this week if I’d only thought to try it earlier…

I’ve been using the hotel broadband connection – $9.99/24 hours which is 5 bucks less than last week when I was at the W Hotel here in San Fran. No idea why the W thinks they can charge so much more… guess since we choose to pay it to connect and work — or play.

Any give the TMO Connection client a shot if you like…. I like that my damn wireless connection manager has finally shut up now down in the task bar as an added bonus. Hate those pop-up notices…

quick update… 30 minutes later I really dig this connection manager. I tried pretty hard the past few days to get a connection I could really use, you know not walking about the room, but actually at the desk working or reading. I found the answer tonight with this thing. I’ve maintained a 20-40% signal connection to the same hotspot without issue now. It’s been great and works as you would want – it just does. Not sure what’s up with the built-in stuff from IBM, Cisco and Intel. I’ve got a Pentium M in here – not a centrino so I not sure if that’s any different with connectivity.

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