Photopeer is very slick

I had previously mentioned Photopeer but only recently (yesterday) got a feel for how it works…

After installing, you get an iPhoto Plugin and a Menu Bar item which lets you control prefs, invitations and albums you’ve been sent as well as invitations you might be sending yourself. I had actually installed it and gotten distracted until I received a nice email from Photopeer (assume it was from Marketing) with an album to share and help me understand how it all works. Actually the email came while working on the work PC so it was not until I was back on the Mac that I really saw it in action…

The Menu bar item highlighted and a translucent window opened to notify me of the shared album invitation. I accepted the invite and over some time and in the background the images downloaded to my computer. As they did I got a preview thumbnail as they lit up in the floating translucent window. I navigated to the menu item this morning and saw that my images were ready to view and that’s when it hit me… this is a very easy way to move large image files between friends and family!

BTW – The coolest part is that this all works within iPhoto. Shared albums show up as though you are on a local network together and can easily be imported, printed etc right from within the app.

I guess I was not clear on how it all worked, as no one else I know has the app installed, and I guess that was the purpose of the email. Mission Accomplished Photopeer… very cool indeed! A windows version is coming soon.

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