Snapple takes it to the Mobile

It’s just a press release for now… but coming soon to a Brew and J2ME phone in your pocket… I had not seen much in the mobile advergaming space, but apparently Airborne has been doing it for a while… I could not tell you if Snapple drinkers really want this extenstion beyond the lunchtime 3 second entertainment, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Airborne Entertainment — one of the world’s leading mobile entertainment publishers — has entered into a wide-ranging partnership with Snapple, part of Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages. Airborne will leverage Snapple’s Real Facts under the cap trivia campaign, its quirky personality, and iconic packaging to create “the best mobile phone stuff on earth.”

Snapple lovers can look forward to downloading games, applications, wallpapers and animated ringers directly on their phones. Each product promises to capture Snapple’s irreverent, refreshingly full-flavored attitude. [Airborne Entertainment]

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  1. Not sure if this worked or not, but my guess, and I would be willing to put money on this, is that it didn’t. Come on guys, you can do better than this…. mind you it was in 2004, so maybe that it why.

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