First beta of Skype for Mac OS X

I am unfortunatley not one of the lucky ones… just yet.

The first external beta version of Skype Technologies’ free voice over IP (VoIP) software for Mac OS X has been distributed to a limited number of testers and is expected to reach public beta in the coming months. [AppleInsider | First beta of Skype for Mac OS X seeded to testers]

You might be saying, hey I already do voice with iChat, what’s the big deal? Well for starters Skype has a few tricks it can do like runs on a P2P network, encryption for your call security and can even link (through a paid service SkypeOut) make calls to phones rather than just other computers.

I’ve used it on the PC and it’s definitely cool… and the quality is excellent. We just need a better way to link all the buddy lists together. Too bad the tech is not integrated with other IM clients… perhaps in the future.

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