PocketMac BlackBerry Edition

Mac based blackberry users just got a whole lot happier… This integrates throug hiSync and enables full 2-way sync.

La Jolla, CA–August 2004–Information Appliance Associates,
creators of the original Mac-to-Pocket-PC sync solution, announces
the new release of PocketMac Blackberry Edition, the first ever tool
to sync Mac users’ data with RIM BlackBerry handhelds.

“We’re incredibly excited,” said Terence Goggin, CTO of
Information Appliance Associates. “After 14 months of engineering and
testing, we’re proud to release this unique tool that for the first
time gives Mac users the ability to sync with BlackBerry handhelds.
What’s more, we’ve made sure no one’s left out — older serial-based
BlackBerry 957s can also fully sync as well.” [PocketMac]

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