Who really owns your phone number?

This site was just linked in my comments on the previous post and shows who really owns your number… pretty interesting to decode the players based on your phone numbers. Looks like Vonage is buying from quite a few players and Verizon, not surprisingly is a primary seller. It’s also interesting to note that even though my number was ported from Nextel to T-Mobile, Nextel actually owns it.

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  1. I used to be able to find who owns the number from the AT&T web site.Now I can’t. I’d like to find another web site , where if I plug in a number , I can find out who owns it

  2. If you follow the link in the post, you can find what carrier owns the number based on area code and exchange. If you want the number in full, you’ll probably just have to call it… or start with a google reverse number lookup.

  3. I found you via google search…my problem is this: I want a particualr phone number but Bell South says they do not own it so I can’t “reserve” it from them nor start another line…..how do I find out who owns this number so I can get it? I know what to do once I find out who owns it…but it is disconnected and if bell South (I’m in South FL) dosn’t own it, where can I find the info? Any help greatly appreciated… :o) ~MOMMY

  4. O.K. For all of you who are being misled that this tells you who owns your telephone number. THIS IS INCORRECT INFORMATION!!! While this does tell you who owns the exchange (ie: the first 3 digits of your telephone number) it does NOT tell you who owns your exact number. This information is contained in a national database accessible to all telecom companies. If you have switched your telephone number to another company, then you have given them that telephone number end of story! Furthermore if you wish to give that number to another company then it MUST remain active with your current company in order for the new company to take over the number.

  5. Does anyone know how I can “own” my land line number? I want to set up a land line, but I may be moving (same area code) and I want to ensure that I can keep that number.

  6. Actually, if the public service commission is correct, telephone numbers are owned and managed by Martin Marietta .

  7. Actually, if the public service commission is correct, telephone numbers are owned and managed by Martin Marietta .

  8. Thanks for your help, this comes in very handy looking for my local area number and see which carrier owns it (or for my case, actually nobody own the number, so can't even get it – ended up with a toll free instead).

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