VOIP the Movie

No one can escape it, we’re all slaves to it.

Covad has created a fake movie site that looks kind of like what you might expect from CSI The Movie. It’s definitely high quality and well executed (but slow loading) in my opinion. I’d love to see the rest of this campaign to see how it was promoted beyond movie trailers…

The target must be CIO / CTO at Fortune level organizations since the product they show is a dashboard for your company’s telephony. I’d imagine there’s a pretty intense lead generation campaign going to work off the budget it must have cost to produce the site. I would imagine the close time on a lead in this space is many months so there’s probably quite a few moving parts. I don’t know that I would have been duped into checking this out, but am glad I did.

I have become quite interested in VOIP tech as of late (had you not been paying attention) and think things are only going to get hotter in the category. Unlike Andy, I don’t have any clients in the arena just yet…

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