CallVantage sounds better than Vonage

In my very unscientific tests here in the home lab, I have noticed a significant difference in call quality between Vonage and CallVantage.

I’ve made calls at similar times with similar loads on both my internal network as well as traffic flowing in and out via iPodder and Bit Torrent. MIleage may vary for you, but I have yet to hear or experience any crackling, skipping or stuttering with CallVantage and have heard my share of issues including unusable connections on Vonage.

Price is one issue and Vonage is certainly leading there, but CallVantage delivers the better voice experience (and still saves you mucho dinero) which is the real issue with phone service. It needs to just work.

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  1. Well, its simple WHY CallVantage is a better call, its called “””Quality of Service”’ vs the cheap solution Vonage runs where some of the times hteir calls goes over the dirty public internet! Not too tough to call that one!


  2. Who is your local broadband provider and who do they use for their upstream interconnections? Have you tried traceroutes to CallVantage and Vonage host softswitches?

  3. I am on RoadRunner and I pay extra for the premium faster service. I have no idea who they use for interconnections and I have not done any traceroutes…

  4. I’ve had AT&T call-vantage (the Company from Hell) for about 3 months, and I can tell you two things one they do not have a CS dept. and they really don’t give a dam now that they are being taken over by SBC. It’s been one problem after another with no 2 CR people giving you the same answer, they don’t have a clue.

  5. I am actually considering a switch of my CV account to Vonage. I have a vonage router behind my CV one and it works better than my CV service these days. I can do 2 lines in the box so I might just switch it all there.

  6. I just got off the phone with CallVantage Customer Support (Joke). I’ve been told that FAX/Modem support is not supported, UPS’s on the unit are not supported, Behind a router is not supported, basically the service is not supported if you have a problem. They refuse to send a new TA unless the unit is dead. I was even told to undo my WAN cable and reverse it.

    Vonage (for me) had it’s issues also, beeping on the line, TIVO not calling out.

    Not sure next move

  7. Ok… so I will give you the good and bad of both. I had ATT cv for quite some time. I left them for smaller reasons such as website was not compatible with playing voicemail on a vista 64 machine, vta would periodically decide it wasnt connected to the internet (when in fact it was… required frequent reboots).

    I swithed to vonage and I like a lot of things about them alot more. i do get the snapping noises and they do seem less tollorant of sharing bandwidth with PCs in the house. Quality wise, I am not sure which company is worse. I will say this though… they both use the same software and same server farms. Any difference in quality must purely be in the end user equipment.

    i will be moving some wires around to see if i can fix the problems.

    good luck to you all.

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