Crazysoft offers Palm Software rentals

According to the Crazysoft newsletter and website, you can now rent any game from Crazysoft. This is a new spin for Palm software and should be interesting to see if anyone else follows… The policy at Crazysoft seems like a good one. You rent for a low price ($2.95) and unlimited access to the software as if it were a full purchased version. The only restriction is that it can only be run 50 times. You can re-rent the same title up to 5 times before it automatically becomes a full version.

By renting a game (2.95$) you will have:

  1. FULL ACCESS to the game. (Like the full version)
  2. NO TIME LIMITS! (Play whenever you wish)
  3. You may start 50 new games and then the rental code will expire.
  4. If you rent the same game for the 5th time then the rental version automatically becomes a FULL version.

I like demo software and have endured my share of long wait times on things I’ve for some reason just chosen not to purchase and this would force my hand a bit to see if I really wanted something or not after I had used it a bunch of times. It seems like a great idea for a small publisher, though the flip side is that since you need to pay to play (literally in this case) you might not be as likely to simply try something new.

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