The Third Screen, but not Treo

I’ve been thinking about a post Andrew made at Treonauts on the Third Screen (your mobile) and how even though there are most likely going to be 3 Million users of the Treo alone by year end, there are no video services like you see for other handhelds. Andrew cites a fair number of initiatives that have become public lately all dealing with delivering video to your pocket, but none are Treo or are even Palm compatible.

The device can handle this (try loading a Kinoma MP4 file on a server), assuming a quick, 1XRTT or EDGE connection, the minimum required on the other services. I think the real issue comes down to how the Treo itself is marketed. It’s a business tool, not a consumer device regardless of how many of us are buying it with our own money, instead of corporate expense accounts. palmOne has made this clear again and again with the (granted limited) marketing efforts they have put forth. The limited TV and print that has run for Treo has always been focused on connectivity and remote productivity. There’s no time for fun it seems when you are simply getting it done.

If they were able to focus (and run different themed campaigns against different targets), you might find a carrier specific deal that would push this as an advanced service. Instead, we find nothing from either palmOne or PalmSource who might actually be the more likely of the two to push capabilities.

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