Blinkx does TV

Om Malik notes an enhanced Blinkx video search and I immediately thought that with the addition of RSS feeds linking to content you could have your very own clipping service. I’d guess people would be willing to pay for this as well. Think of all the marketing directors and PR firms who pay other people now for access to clips about themselves (their companies really) or competitors. Could be very cool.

Just add the feed to Azureus via the RSS plugin and you’ve got a custom video channel pulling relevant material as it happens.

Blinkx is getting really serious about its video search and has signed up the BBC, ITV, Sky and Fox and will basically allow the massive archives from these companies to become searchable. “This is basically turning the computer into a really, really big video recorder with thousands of programmes you can search and watch at any time,” Suranga Chandratillake, the British co-founder of Blinkx told The Evening Standard in UK. “This could do for television what Google did for the web.” [Om Malik on Broadband]

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