Superbowl Ad Coup

The Beer wars continue as expected in the Superbowl this year…

I thought it was pretty amazing that Miller not only directly referenced the new Budweiser Select beer, but they did so in an ad that appeared two times before Bud ran their own spot. Not sure how much was luck and how much was paid placement, but it certainly makes you question the Bud product.

Still thinking about the commercials as they roll…

I though the Go Daddy ad was pretty lame. Hot chick, almost reveals breast and obviously not net-literate. I’m sure Go Daddy’s Parsons thought it was great… As someone who was actively involved in that space for quite a few years, in my opinion, it was a waste. I guess they are just trying to bust (pun intended) out of the existing customer / convert customer.

I can’t believe how much money Career Builder is spending… that’s 3 so far a nice 7.2 Million on ads.

I did like the P Diddy Diet Pepsi ad. I also liked their iPod Promotion spots. They continue to be hip without forcing it on you.

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