Comcast – Ads on Demand?

Even as a free channel, I just can’t see this being all that popular. The only time people actually look forward to commercials is during the Superbowl. I’d like to see more creative ways to integrate messaging within content – either as a story component (though perhaps less crass than the Apprentice) or product placement (Alias and 24 are good examples).

Digital cable subscribers in the Baltimore area will soon be able to watch commercials when they want, as Comcast Corp. will launch the area’s first advertising-on-demand service during the second quarter this year.

Baltimore will be just the second market to receive the offer, after Comcast’s hometown market of Philadelphia. Digital cable subscribers who, for instance, are hunting for a new car can get more product information from this longer format ad versus a 30-second commercial.

Otherwise, advertisers may miss out on key consumers who want their product but are not watching television when an ad airs, Comcast officials say.

Marketing experts say the move heralds a new era in television advertising, which is feeling the squeeze from digital video recorders and even Comcast’s own video-on-demand service, which allow consumers to bypass commercials.

Executives at Comcast Spotlight, the firm’s advertising sales division, will pitch the service to 30 firms over the next three weeks. These include local, regional and national advertisers who want to reach Baltimore consumers, said Jeff Basler, director of sales at Comcast Spotlight. []

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  1. I was in a comcast commercial a long time ago, and I was wondering how i’d be able to see it.

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