AT&T Net phone disappoints

That’s the headline at… and something of an massive understatement when you read the report. Somehow, AT&T CallVantage has only attracted 53,000 customers yet they’ve spent millions of dollars on high powered mass media – remember the TV last fall?

I’m not sure why people are not choosing AT&T over say their cable company or Vonage amongst others, but it’s fascinating.

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  1. One word: Price. Like Verizon and TimeWarner, they believe their name lets them charge more. Their service gets good reviews, but so does Packet-8. So is their name worth 50% more from my wallet? Nope. I’ve done my homework and will sign-up with P-8 in a few mos, assuming they aren’t bought out.

  2. Well here where I am (NYC) the price is comparable to Vonage. Time Warner and Cablevision both charge considerably more… and give you less features. Assuming they are all selling the same things – which is not true either as ATT has a QOS agreement through their carrier deal with Level 3, while Vonage does not. I don’t actually know what the deals are for TW and Cablevision. They both charge about 40/mo while Vonage and ATT are 20-25/mo.

  3. i currently use verizon for house phone service
    with the “freedom”plan–average cost-26.00
    would be interested in changing plan at a lower
    cost–can you help?

  4. That’s pretty cheap man – my current VZ landline bill is around 100 bucks these days. Thinking I am about to switch to Cablevision (my current cableco) for around 30 / mo.

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