Skype Advances

Gotta love Skype!

Today they are more public with both the SkypeIn and Voicemail services I’ve been using for a while now. I honestly have not had much use for SkypeIn other than the coolness factor that I can have a 415 and now a 646 number so I am covered on both coasts with local numbers through the same telephony service – at a ridiculously low cost.

The SkypeIn call I tested today with my new NYC number sounded good on my end and other than the occasional flicker (common actually on all VOIP I’ve used). You simply cannot beat the cost. For about $10 for 3 mo you get a number anyone can call you on (to your computer) from any phone. Voicemail is still being tested. I can’t figure out how to personalize my message with my voice. For now it’s simply a generic message which is not horrible, but is certainly not ideal.

I think Skype has much greater potential out of the US where inter-country is bigger and carries greater cost. Here, the flat rate pricing structures have killed long distance anyway and on cellular we are used to simply buying minutes rather than paying for incoming or even outgoing calls based on where you call. Regardless, the Skype pricing even on outbound (which I have yet to use) is amazingly cheap.

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