10.3.9 – No Acid Search just yet

I totally love AcidSearch, which is a very handy search extension for Safari allowing me to use A9, or switch quickly to Froogle among many other searches all within the main search bar. Seems though that 10.3.9, which was released tonight is not supported and neither will Tiger when it arrives shortly. Have to say I hate when that happens.

I was unable to even launch Safari after the update which was starting to freak me out since webkit was working in NetNewsWire. I thought of anything I had installed recently and disabled or deleted, but no dice. A quick trip to the console (always forget that handy tool) led me right to AcidSearch. Find… delete… Safari is back.

3 Replies to “10.3.9 – No Acid Search just yet”

  1. You may check out SafariStand as an Acid Search substitute.
    Although it isn´t nested in the search bar like AS one can search anywhere from the Adressbar using shortcuts – i.g: typing “g searchterm”.

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