The Core Pocket Media Player


Treonauts gave an exciting review to the open source The Core Pocket Media Player (tcmp) for Palm OS today and I just gave it a quick whirl. It’s VERY cool. The UI is a touch rough and does not support the 5-way for browsing but it does work just fine during playback for volume and stop / play. That’s minor though… the video playback quality is excellent!!

The best part as noted by Andrew is that you don’t have to convert anything to MP4 or use Kinoma to convert for use on your device. You can use pretty much whatever file you happen to have ready to watch which is enormously helpful considering conversion time is a killer on ease of use. The screen shot above is a 131.4MB DIVX AVI file encoded at 512 x384 with MP3 sound. I noticed a few skips, but sound is in sync which can be the trickiest bit to nail down.

tmcp is up to v. 0.63, but it’s very solid. If you have 1MB to spare on your Palm OS device and want to be able to watch video while on the go, this is a great option and it seems to just be the beginning…

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