Online Video – Search vs. Syndication

I was just reading a piece in Media Magazine called Which World Will Get Video? (no link) and thinking how mainstream media does not get it.  The basic point of the piece is that big media can be in control and that rather than allow Google iTunes or Yahoo to control how people get your content, search could be optimized to bring viewers (even paying ones) to your (publisher) sites.

Nice thought, but this is so wrong and such an old way to even be considering how it really works.  First, lets revisit the early web days when record labels though they’d be creating the places where consumers came to listen or to find out info on bands.  Failed.  Why?  We don’t care what label artists are on as consumers, the band is the brand.

Back to the “new” way proposed by Chistopher M. Schroeder in the piece mentioned above.  I did a google search for your article pal and you are no where on the first 3 pages of results which is all I cared to try to even find your work for a referential link.  You lose.

Consider this, I still don’t have or want a relationship with HBO directly or with ABC or any network.  In many cases, the networks air shows produced by other companies anyway, they are simply a conduit for viewing on TV.

I do however have a relationship with Apple’s iTunes (I spend both money and time), Yahoo (time) and Google (time).  Why challenge that?  Why not work with me and my choices as a consumer and provide value in the form of content?  I’ll pay for the good stuff…

Consider my previous post.  Deliver it to me.  Don’t make me find it.  Be smart and don’t waste energy with mistakes that have been made already – again and again.  I can easily add a private feed (address given after card is dinged for payment) or you can use an existing aggregation service like iTunes which can handle payment and distribution.

Keep it simple, make the customer happy.

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