Simpsonize Me

Simpsonize Me, originally uploaded by atmasphere.

I’ve been Simpsonized

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11 Replies to “Simpsonize Me”

  1. This site is terrible. It’s taking me hours to upload a 207 KB image. So far, I have seen two results. One is a loading screen. The other is an error message that doesn’t tell me what I am doing wrong. You think they would put more effort into something advertised nationally.

  2. i got to the place where it says dude or chick, your age, colour skin, clothes style etc…and then it keeps on counting down from 12 to 2 and then back 2 to twelve and keeps on doing that and just doesnt load, while saying analyzing photo at the bottom.

    when i refresh it and do it again it says error!!
    i really want it to work!!

    any tips, please!!!

  3. I got my simpson and customized it to look like me, now i need to register and when i do so it highlights age and password in red like i made a mistake and i have tried every concievable way to change it and it wont let me change anything… I am so frustrated…

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