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SiriusMac is a super cool application I just stumbled on at the Apple Downloads site. You have to install MacPython, but that’s very easy (follow the prompts) and then you are on you way. If you’ve got a Sirius Radio subscription this is infinitely simpler than browser streaming which is a royal pain for Macs. The best feature is a single CAPTCHA rather than having to enter one each time you run.

You can set alerts for artists you want to hear (like on a hardware radio) and get Growl support so it’s easy to see what’s playing as things change. You also get a popup guide which shows what’s on each station …

Happy Listening!

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  1. Thank you! We’ve been working hard on the UI getting it to work the way we want it to. If you like this version, wait until you see v2 in January. v1 just scratches the surface. v2 will be amazing. We have also worked hard on getting and installer (v1.1) and also added some setup tools to ensure that users don’t have a super hard time with it. It’s becoming more mainstream now. It’s a great free UI.


  2. v1.1 requires Growl and it turned on in the user preferences for presets to work.

    In v1.1.5 and later, Growl can be ON or OFF in user preferences. So growl because completely optional.

    To set a preset, simply hold down the preset for 2 seconds. Then release, on the release you will either receive a Growl notification or an alert will tell you which channel and preset that has been set. I highly recommend users download v1.1.6 to make sure you have the latest bug fixes and that this works properly.

    We are choosing January for one really good reason. Hint: MacWorld Expo

  3. There will be other updates before January. We know there will be a version v1.2 this fall. But the major release of v2 is scheduled to be debuted to the public at the MacWorld Expo. This will be our first trade show. -vm, gt

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