More details on the Truphone for Iphone

I was able to speak with Alistair Campbell, the CTO of Truphone earlier this week and am excited by what lies ahead for the iPhone as well as TruPhone in general. For starters, you should check the video out at Andy Abramson’s blog that I linked to last night. It’s a bit blurry at times, but they are clearly making a Truphone call from the iPhone.

If you’ve read the news from yesterday on this you know that TruPhone is installing a SIP stack and then enabling the hardware on the iPhone (without damage) to make a VOIP call over WiFi. The plan is to release a beta within weeks… maybe a month or so which will let people try this out and also appreciate the ability to switch to VOIP as they choose. There are other interesting features coming as well …

Truphone is working to enable the ability to choose which number is shown on your outbound CallerID so you can either reveal or conceal your numbers as you like which is very cool and usually the kind of trick you can get from a click to call experience (at least from what I’ve seen) via the web. Alistair also mentioned Truphone is looking into MVNO deals so they can offer their own SIM card which will let you maximize your truphone experience and save some good money while roaming

I am really looking forward to the initial iPhone trial…

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