Devicescape 2.0

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Devicescape received a nice update to 2.0 today and allows secure and simple access to paid and free hotspots automatically. I’ve added a few hidden APs from the office as well as my home network to my list to start combined with my Boingo Mobile and FON credentials so I can easily connect my N95 pretty much anywhere I want to go! The update does not yet include a new client for the Nokia Tablet, but I’m sure that’s coming soon.

For consumers, Devicescape 2.0 provides immediate access from any device to millions of hotspot locations. Access to free and open hotspots requires no sign up. It simply works right “out of the box.” Also, the service is easily extensible to password protected networks and credentials can be entered once on the fly on the device or in advance via a web site. You can even add your home network and securely share with friends. Additionally, Devicescape constantly seeks hotspots, and notifies users when they have a secure and verified Wi-Fi connection. [Devicescape]

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