Personal Broadcasting – Rocking the System

In my experience the ability to begin broadcasting, inform your friends and maintain a dialog is both incredibly social but amazingly powerful! I’ve been dabbling with Qik and Flixwagon and this area of mobile development is simply fantastic. When I covered the Web2 Summit last fall, my coverage was limited to 1 min videos (the file size limit from Shozu) and they had to upload afterwards. It was hardly slow, but there were a few steps involved to publish and I could not interactive with the audience in real time – taking questions or monitoring comments.

The game has completely changed now. Both Qik and Flixwagon offer live streaming in a few clicks … open the app, stream. In case you missed it, Flixwagon worked with MTV to cover yesterday’s Super Tuesday event. The World Economic Forum in Davos featured videos from Scoble, Loic Le Meur and others. Next week you’ll be seeing a lot of video from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which I’ll be attending and streaming!

Thanks Stefan!

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