MTA Goes Mobile

I am not sure when this kicked in, but great news for Metro NY travelers… the MTA site has been mobilized. I was just browsing for my train tomorrow as I am getting an earlier start and noticed the new mobile call out. Here’s what it looks like from my N95:

MTA Mobile MTA Mobile

Phone browsers should be redirected to the mobile site automatically. I checked out the direct URL in the hopes that this might work on other devices like my Nokia Tablet, but the URL, does not seem to like anything but phones. Upon further investigation, I was able to use the actual schedule page on my tablet which is really the only part I care about anyway. I can’t understand why they would not simply offer an open instead, but that was clearly not my decision to make.

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2 Replies to “MTA Goes Mobile”

  1. And the crowd rejoiced. At least the crowd sitting around me on this metro north train.

  2. I used it tonight as I was leaving the office … very handy! The schedule bookmark knows the time so you only have to enter your destination (assuming you are leaving through Grand Central)

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