Google Reader For iPhone Needs Keyboard Shorcuts

Yes I know the iPhone has no keyboard, so let’s just put that to the side….

There are however plenty of other devices that can take advantage of the excellent work that’s been done on the updated mobile UI which do have keyboards … like the Nokia N810 which runs a Mozilla browser and the N95 which has the S60 Webkit browser. The more I’ve used the latest Google Reader the more it’s clear that a very wide array of devices could be using this and why not add just a bit more functionality to enhance it that much more.

I’m thinking the N810 could probably get this going through a greasemonkey script … Anyone up to the challenge?

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3 Replies to “Google Reader For iPhone Needs Keyboard Shorcuts”

  1. FWIW I’ve been using on my iPhone and it works quite well… decent clean UI, clean syncing to NewNewsWire, etc.

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