Mail for Exchange is NOT enterprise ready

I’ve had Mail for Exchange running on my E71 for about 6 months now … essentially since I got it over the summer. In that time, I have had to either create new a profile or re-install the application dozens of times. For some reason the my profile data seems to get lost and the E71 stops syncing with Exchange.

I’m not clear on what causes this problem and I’ve seen it across two versions of Mail for Exchange as well as firmware updates for the E71. I know this is a DIY Solution rather than something implemented (or required) by IT so I’m somewhat on my own, but our IT team has also seen the same things. We use Exchange 2007 and there are never issues like this with Blackberries in the company.

This type of application / service needs to just work. Once configured there should not be any thought required other than how well and consistently it syncs.

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  1. I actually haven't had that many stability issues with MfE on my E71 — however, it's still not ready for enterprise for one simple reason for me: IT DOESN'T SUPPORT SUB-FOLDERS!!

    And not to throw it in your face Nokia, but the FREAKIN' IPHONE supports sub-folders in it's Exchange sync (and it's the least damned enterprise style device I've ever seen). This lack of sub-folder support seriously hampers an IT roll-out of E71's. Our IT dept endorsed the iPhone, but my E71 is still running unofficially due to the folders issue.


  2. MfE seems like it's getting worse as it matures. 2.7 supposedly supports every S60 device, but I can't get it running on my N95 or N96. I think the older versions are better, if your device supports it.

    I've seen the issue you're describing before. Deleting and recreating the profile usually fixes it, but that's a lot to ask from an email device. The version that comes on the E71 seems ok, though. I've got some users with GIANT mailboxes using it without complaint.

    Good luck! Let us know if you get it working, or switch to a different software.

    Now if Nokia would only include Exchange support in Nokia Messaging…

  3. wonder if I should switch back to 2.5 …

    Nokia Messaging will support Corporate Mail but I'm not sure when. It's also unclear whether it will support syncing more than just your email. I would welcome Nokia Messaging as my solution … it works great for my personal mail.

  4. I haven't tried 2.5 on an E71. What version does it come with? I need to dig up a copy of 2.5 for my N95 too.

    Nokia Messaging is ok, but seems slow receiving emails. It also doesn't seem to notice which emails I've read already. It should be more fun once Nokia rolls in more features like IM and El Corpo support.

    You could always switch to Lotus Notes… : )

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  7. The only problem I've had with M4E 2.7 on the E71 is whenever I swap sims between phones it looses its access point. Both my N95-8GB after swapping sims and switching on connect and sync fine but the E71 always asks to define the access point and then I have to set the sync schedule as it will have defaulted back to manual.

  8. I can confirm the switching sim issue as well. That's minor compared to the number of times without switching sims I have to reset my account.

  9. I have had my Nokia E71 for 6 months now, before i had the E61 and E61i which i loved, i have just thrown out my E71 (Yes, literally thrown it in the trash), it hangs, ip telepohony sucks dry the battery in 6 hours, and the mail for exchange connecter gets worse with every new release, the GPS client have alzheimers and the phone turns slow like vista at different times. Nokia support send the standard idiot responses and have no answers and don't seem to care. This phone is crap and i recommend against buying it. Nokia knows how to make phones but they sure have no clue when it comes to building software. I guess i will finally have to give in and buy an iPhone. And you just try to find an older version of the exchange connector…. good luck!

    Crappy phone

  10. Turns out, you cant have more than 999 folders in your hierarcy either.. Who knew my colleagues liked sorting mails in to folders THAT much..

  11. Turns out, you cant have more than 999 folders in your hierarcy either.. Who knew my colleagues liked sorting mails in to folders THAT much..

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