Hasty Airport Purchase – Kensington Universal 70W DC Power Adapter

01/10/2009 - kensington power adapter

While I had power on my recent American flight overseas it was not via  standard jack and unfortunately was of the cigarette lighter variety – a plug I did not have in my bag.  Passing back through Heathrow yesterday I decided to check into the Dixons there and was sold the Kensington Universal 70w DC Power Adapter .  Like similar systems from iGo, there are a number of tips that work with various devices and Samsung was listed on the box so it seemed good to go.  Unfortunately, the Samsung NC10 is not a currently supported device so I have a sleek travel power adapter that’s worthless for my rig.  There isn’t even a tip for my Lenovo work machine so this unit is a total wash for me.

In theory it’s solid, but in practice not so much so…

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