Where’s the Gmail on Blackberry experience?

Email and PIM functions on the Blackberry are stellar. Dare I say the best actually. I’ve used a slew of mobile devices and the sheer speed with which you can cut through inbox clutter is unparalleled.

I should qualify that point by saying I use a corporate issue device running on BES, not the consumer version. When it comes to the consumer mail experience I’ve consolidated my email within Gmail and sadly that’s where I’m finding some cracks in the foundation … I can’t tell whether this is a Blackberry or Google issue, but Gmail on the Blackberry is lacking thanks to one substantial detail – there’s no IMAP.

Gmail easily pushes to my device and often arrives before the Gmail screen even has a chance to refresh. The problem is that there is no reconciliation … at all. Thanks to POP3 access I have to manage my mail in two places which I’ve been tolerating because I want my mail, but loathe.

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  1. Emails I delete on my BB are deleted from my Gmail account–on my 9700. Are you referring to wanting more reconciliation than that?

  2. Is there no decent IMAP client for the Blackberry? Gmail is certainly available through IMAP . . .

  3. It's hard to imagine using a 3rd party client when the default is so good. I've tried the gmail app but really prefer the standard app functionality.

  4. read status is the bigger issue. I don't want to see all the unread messages in either location knowing I've actually read them.

  5. My issues is that deleted messages in Gmail don't propagate to my BB device. I'm guessing this has to do w/ how messages are “deleted” within Gmail. Given that the message isn't really deleted, but rather labeled differently.

    It seems the “enhanced” plugin does not support all functionality and is lacking the ability to see when a messages has been removed from the Inbox label

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