Apple and Adobe

I love Steve’s Thoughts on Flash open letter posted yesterday.  I’m not going to debate the semantics of this, because I think there’s a very clear point to take away.

Prove flash works in a reliable way on a mobile device.

Apple clearly does not want to be Adobe’s beta.  Otherwise Steve is clearly offering a warm cup of STFU:

Actions speak louder than words, Adobe.  Do something.

2 Replies to “Apple and Adobe”

  1. Yeah, if Adobe doesn't take action I could easily see someone else come into the mobile space and snatch up all that market share. There really seems to be a world of opportunity present if Adobe doesn't capitalize. Will be following what happens very closely.

  2. I agree with Steve Jobs. Adobe, and especially Flash, is not very user friendly and there are (coming) very good alternatives like HTML 5, so Adobe really should do something soon about these complaints soon.

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