1. Hans

    I’d start by changing your password back… that might not fix all, but it might get you something.

  2. I’m afraid to make any more changes that might disconnect my web access. I’ll lose access to email …

  3. thanks. filled in the form. My problem is a bit different than the options they offer … sadly it seems rather unique.

  4. Only thing I have experienced that even comes close is Google’s implementation of 2-step verification and app specific passwords. Doubt that’s your issue but *maybe* Google think you’ve opted for 2-step?

  5. It’s been a long time since I used two-factor. Many months … I suppose there could be a ghost in the machine but seems unlikely given the moment it happened was with a new device on a new / updated OS.

  6. I had to delete my google account from the phone and then re-add the account to my phone that fixed it

  7. Delete and relogin with your new password, everything will be fixed

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