Having a huge tech fail day

My day started last night actually after midnight as the Nexus 5 (active only for a few hours) decided to freak out. I was suddenly unable to login to Google+ or Hangouts. Google sync started to freak as well with inconsistent sync to Calendar and a bunch of other things.

This morning I fought the phone a bit before finally conceding to a full hard reset at lunch wiping the phone for a fresh start. Sadly as soon as it started back up hangouts prompted with its error and G+ continued to block me. Sigh. No resolution. I spent a bit actually speaking to Google tech support (yes, it exists!) But they were fully stumped as well. I’ll have to wait 24-48 hours apparently for a response and a potentially new device.

Thinking about other options to try and triage the problem I decided to change my account password which sent Chrome on my Mac, Google Glass (more to come) and my other devices into a tizzy. Glass only sorta connected back to my phone, required a reset as well (my guess) and then my other phone (N4) and tablet (N7) got all outta whack due to the account change. Now none want to connect appropriately and I seem to have lost app-based access to hangouts and Google+ on everything. Before I left work for the week the web worked and I’ll try again at home but on the train each device has seemingly lost it’s desire to stay connected. Oh and Google Now seems dead on the Nexus 5.

I’m at a loss. I thought this was some sort of device issue bit now it’s propagated across a few others making me think my Google account has partially corrupted. WTF.

Help …

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  1. I just got my Nexus 5 up and running. So far no issues. I’ll pay close attention to any problems after reading your post. I like it so far.

  2. It sounds like the issue is actually on Google’s end. There’s a database that connects all of the service layers of your devices together. Its designed such that no matter how many device you use, the service points are where (parts of) Google authenticates, syncs, and designs the best experiences.

    Now, corruption could happen because:
    – the latest device that you’ve used (N5) has a slightly newer API (for lack of better term) for service integration
    – when the N5 connects to your services, Google’s services update themselves across all your devices
    – devices that were logged in already get their push command to sync the newer structure
    – those devices don’t have that newer API and therefore kick back an error message or malformed data to the service-sync layer
    – the service-sync layer error syncs error message your newer device thinking that its also using the older APIs
    – the newer device confirms the errors, and the error(ed) code propagates against itself

    The likely solution is that Google will have to create a new account for you; update all of the service points you have; push out an update to the N5 and any other 4.4 devices you have (including Glass); and then migrate your content over to the new account – leaving you to work with reconciling errors in what was retreived from your accounts.

    And I don’t work for Google and figured this out just from your description. Wonder what Google will say 😉 Feel free to give them this to help their efforts.

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