What Browser do you use?

I find myself between Safari (90%) and Firefox (10%) when I browse… I like Firefox and think it renders beautifully, does a great job with tabs and passwords (though keychain support would be great like in Camino) but I miss a few small details that work for me in Safari – all keyboard related.

I can’t get between tabs without the mouse or search google and I absolutely miss the keyboard shortcuts to initiate bookmarks in the bookmark bar. These seem minor I am sure, but to me they make a huge difference. I can’t move as quickly as I like without them.

One final missing piece is the ability to keep new windows cleanly locked to the upper left of my screen…

I guess that probably explains the balance of my usage. I bet it would be the other way if I could get better keyboard access.

PDF Plugin

Not sure why I was initially reluctant to load this, but the PDF Plugin is a fantastic addition to browsers on OS X. I recall the Adobe version of a plugin on OS 9, which needed to load the full app in the background and really just display the file in the browser window….and yeah it worked, but it was rough. This is a really nice utility which allows you to zoom, rotate, save and print PDF links you come across in your daily browsing. Works great! Free for personal use…

Safari Extender

Safari Extender adds functionality to Safari in the form of a contextual menu item. It can re-arrange the order of the Tabs or compose an email with the current web address in your browser.

It can also temporarily turn images off, which helps when you have a lot of browsing to do in a short time. After you found what you need you can then turn graphics back on easily.

Other convenient functions in the contextual menu allow you to quickly go back or forward in a page, reload the page and increase or reduce the text size. More features will appear with further development. [MacUpdate]

OmniWeb 5 Public Beta

Certainly a different perspective than my earlier bit… Not sure I would use what John finds so interesting though I guess I can appreciate the tech inside. I still can’t see myself paying for a browser at this point, which will be be a serious factor for Omni to be more than just a niche player.

A review of OmniWeb 5.0b1 — which has the potential to be a smash hit. [Daring Fireball]

Safari 1.2 delivered…

Safari 1.2 is out… improvements include:

Improved compatibility with websites and web applications

Support for personal certificate authentication

Full keyboard access for navigation

Ability to resume interrupted downloads

Support for websites that use LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets (requires Java 1.4.2) – also out today.

Software Update should take care of it for you.

OmniWeb Beta 5.0

The OmniWeb Beta is out today and I’ve been messing with it a bit…

Since it is built on WebKit, the same technology as Safari many feature and even key commands will be very familiar to Safari users. I like the addition of tabs within the sidebar, especially with the addition of a visual thumbnail, though managing tabs in the traditional sense never proved challenging or even hard to deal with. This new feature may even add some weight to the application which is not necessary other than to show off.

Bookmarks import flawlessly and your passwords for sites are also immediately auto-filled if you had previously saved them in the Keychain. This is a wonderful bit of consistency and something I wish more browsers and applications made use of. If you like to test or switch between things it is often a pain to deal with password management.

While it looks nice, this is a hard sell and yes it is being sold. Safari 1.2 is supposedly right around the corner with fixes and a possible feature of two up its sleeve and will be free. While OmniWeb will at least work with all the same sites (though also probably carry the same issues) you’ll have to pay for features like ad blocking (something I am not testing).

All in all a nice piece of work, but I’ll be sticking it out with Safari for now.

Hello MacSurfer!

Yesterday I posted a feature request for Safari which has now been picked up by Macsurfer which has been generating a great amount of traffic my way…

First – wow – and thanks!!

Second – there are some additional features being requested/discussed within the comments you might also be interested in checking out. I don’t usually get many comments, so getting a dialog going is pretty exciting.

Feature Request for Safari ….

I’d love to see the addition of a warning for windows being open when you accidentally hit Apple+Q instead of Apple+W. Sometimes I move too quickly and lose a window full of open tabs… Mozilla asks if you are sure you want to close the XX tabs.

Feature request for Safari

While I really like the manner in which bookmarks are handled, I’d like to see the search box have the ability to search your bookmarks and history file – or possibly the addition of a search box just for bookmarks. Firebird has this within the sidebar, another bit I would not mind see coming over to Safari either…

Business Objects to support Safari

Business Objects, a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, today announced it is the first BI vendor to support Apple’s Safari Web browser… [MacMinute.com]

Good news! Not that I even use this stuff, but it’s great to see support for Mac specific browsers.

Safari v80 Leaked?

Safari v80 leaked… [MacRumors]

It appears that Safari v80 has been leaked with FunMac.com posting a small review of the new build.

Safari v80 is said to incorporate a preference for .Mac bookmark Syncronization as well as “Autotabs” allowing you to open a folder of bookmarks into a set of tabs at once.

Another report indicates that the install process has been modified — with the upgrade package installing Webkit and the Foundation Frameworks in /System/Library/Frameworks instead of within the actual application. One user speculates that this may make it easier to share these resources amongst other Apps, and also provides a single location for upgrades to provide system-wide updates to the Webkit.

Safari autofill…

I’ve noticed that the autofill function in Safari seems to prefer that you press return or enter rather than click submit. I guess this makes some sense as the buttons could be programmed differently. When you hit return, you should see a dialog box asking whether you want to have the login info saved…

Apple ends Safari testing…

…Though not to release to us publicly just yet. Apparently they are frustrated that the builds (v62,64 67) have been quickly making the rounds. It would seem better for the product if more rather than fewer people were involved the way the Chimera/Camino team does with daily builds. This seems to enhance bug catching and feedback. I guess Apple was just comfortable yet with that process… Hopefully 1.0 non-beta is not too far off. So far so good with my v67 copy as noted in a previous post.

Safari v67

Safari v67 hit the ether yesterday and it is very close to being complete. The forms auto-fill and tab functionality are now within the preferences and work really well. Stability is solid and speed continues to be excellent.

One thing I would like to see as an option is open links from other applications in new tab in addition to new or current window option there now.

UPDATE – the bug that leaves a floating dialog box open after the window fails to load seems to be fixed. Now if I can just figure out how to kill the java console…

URL Manager Pro 3.0.5 released

Alco Bloom has released URL Manager Pro 3.0.5, the latest update of his excellent shareware bookmark manager for Mac OS X… [MacMinute.com]

It’s great to have this back. While I really like using the bookmark manager within Safari, it’s nice to see and launch them from within any app. Not too mention send my master list to other browsers in an instant.

Another to file under the “obvious”

In Safari V62 or V64 and later….

Instead of Control+Click or dropping the menu down and selecting open in tabs, you can simply Command(Apple)+Click and get a tab set to open. Simple. elegant and wonderful…

I love how the tabs work the way you want when you want them. It’s your choice, single bookmarks or a window full of tabs…

Safari v65?

I guess time will tell…

A report of Safari v65:

– Autofill toolbar button (looks like a pencil writing)
– Autofill form option under edit menu now (works!)
– Open links from apps in existing window
– Always show tab bar
– Tab mouse over now the text turns white

[macrumors page 2]

Safari -> Open Tab Sets

I just realized this was possible though it has been sitting there all along.

If you have found a way to v64 of Safari you can choose to Control+Click on a folder in your Bookmark Bar and quickly open all the Bookmarks across the window as a tab set. Nice! I have been missing this functionality in a serious way since I left Chimera/ Camino. Well say good-bye to Safari Tabs, I just eliminated it from my Dock. It only opened new windows anyway. Now I have the efficiency of a single window with all my sites in one place.

UPDATE – It really is Friday… You can also open right in tabs when the folder drops open. The option is right there at the bottom.

This is a great way to have implemented things. I like having the option for all or one. With Camino, once you create a set, it is locked unless you are viewing from the bookmark drawer…