Google’s New Groups

If I was Yahoo, I’d be very nervous. First Gmail and now email groups… In my quick test and review, I’d say it’s very similar to Yahoo Groups, though slicker and without the crass ads you find all over the place. Its close in experience though without the UI of Gmail. Simple and clear which is good… hope it stays that way. I can definitely see moving groups from Yahoo to Google through this…

Called Google Groups 2, the service builds on Google’s archive of more than 845 million Usenet postings and adds the ability for users to create and manage their own public and private mailing lists. It also offers faster indexing of postings for search and features for joining groups and tracking hot topics, Google officials said. [eWeek]

I created a group and am inviting anyone reading this to join… I figure we can carry on a parallel discussion though more directly between readers if you like. Just a test, no feelings hurt if no one is game… we’ll see if it sticks.

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