(not so) Great Customer Service

My most recent customer service adventure happened last week when I finally had to call T-Mobile and find out what the heck was happening on their network that was not only asking me to confirm timezone and time changes, but doing so multiple times in succession and even suggestion new timezones for me to try.

When I called TMO, I was greeted by a friendly helper who suggested this behavior happens when you travel between time zones. I agreed with her that in fact does or should happen, though perhaps it should not happen when I am in my apartment or having lunch — not traveling at all – in the same city.

(now the good part…)

She asked me if I was sure I was in fact in the same time zone throughout the city. When I mentioned I lived in NYC, she suggested it was possible for multiple time-zones to exist within a city. Perhaps, though …It’s not only the same timezone throughout the city, but through the entire east coast of the country. Completely undettered, she asked if I was sure and suggested again that there were cities in which parts are actually in different zones. I casually and politely (ok I was an asshole, but come on!!) suggested she might want to better familiarize herself with the country we are living in.

I was not able to detect any accent with this person, so I am assuming she is a citizen and living in the US. Just an idiot as far as I can tell… but at least she was not reading from a script — though perhaps in her case improvisation is not the best course.

At least I know I am not alone in my experiences with stellar help —

But in the midst of that conversation, George informed me (reading from boilerplate) that Sprint “cannot guarantee that your phone will work in an office building, in your home, or when in a moving car.” Are you kidding me? Who is this service designed for, the Amish? “Never a dropped call whilst thee is standing outdoors in a flat plain, scything wheat.” [ZDNet AnchorDesk]

PS – My phone still gives the updates a few times a day – I did not have the patience to wait it out with her on the line and have yet to call back.

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  1. I’ve had the exact same, highly annoying problem with my t-mobile t610 with increasing frequency lately. does every t-mobile gms antennae ping its own time server or something?!

  2. It must or there is an issue with antenna hopping… Though the hopping issue would not be the cause of my mulitples (unless it’s losing contact) at one shot.

    Glad it’s not just me!

  3. yup, me too; at least i can find some solace in knowing that since it’s happening to others out there i must not be crazy.

    i finally had to disable the auto-timezone feature on my T68i to keep me from going insane. Not only does it keep asking me to confirm my timezone but it also ends up getting it wrong; once it said i was GMT+5 when i am GMT-5. Great story…..

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