Yahoo’s Anti-Spy toolbar feature buggy

Yahoo on Friday confirmed that its recently released toolbar has mistakenly linked an alleged spyware program with a product that has nothing to do with the application in question. []

I did not have this issue… in fact the Yahoo toolbar spyware tool was the best thing I’ve used to remove my spyware. I found in the week since I’ve been seriously using the PC, that one small app (Grockster…yeah yeah) rendered IE helpless and that it was impossible to kill some of the pieces since I was told by the system they were in use. Why were they in use you might ask? Well, since the browser is bundled in the OS, it’s always friggin running and there is no easy way to blast crap out when it is being called for. The Yahoo spyware finder seemed to find things another app I tried was unable to and finally enabled me to squash the crap. I’m done playing there… The system gets way to wacked out from a seemingly small move.

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