Link Splicer: New and Improved!

This is a very cool addition especially for me as a recent convert (for now) to Bloglines. I’ve been wondering how the heck I might use the clip blog and now it seems there is a way. The trick I’d like to see is post to blog as well as just add to feed.

Last week we launched the Link Splicer, a service that merged a daily summary of your links into your feed. Since then, we’ve received a lot of very nice comments and some great suggestions. Based upon this feedback, we’d like to announce a few improvements to the service.

A number of people wrote in to request that we support link collection sites other than Say no more! The Link Splicer now works with Furl and Bloglines Clip Blogs, the two most-requested services. [Burn This! – The FeedBurner Weblog]

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