Microsoft to Gut Longhorn to Make 2006 Delivery Date

Assuming this is the reality, it’s quite disappointing to hear. Though I am primarily a Mac user I was really interested in seeing Redmond push the limits. If anything this is a fantastic opportunity for Apple to really hit a homer with Tiger. It will give them an enormous technology lead and given the hits Windows has taken over security, reliability and cost

According to developer sources, Microsoft is cutting back Longhorn client’s planned feature set so as to be able to make its current delivery targets: Beta 1 by next year and final release some time in 2006.

Microsoft is expected to announce officially later on Friday its future roadmap for the desktop version of Longhorn. And while developers and customers who expected they’d be required to rewrite their applications to take advantage of Longhorn may be happy with Microsoft’s roadmap changes, others who were banking on promised Longhorn features, such as the next-gen Windows File System, will be far less so.

The end result? Longhorn is going to be a lot more of an evolutionary than a revolutionary Windows release.

[Microsoft Watch]

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