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If you read or try to track a great deal of feeds, you’ll want to have access to this information in as many places as you can. I’ve found it pretty hard to manage personally though I’ve been using quite a few tricks to keep tabs on things. First, I use Bloglines as my primary aggregator these days which I’ve blogged about previously and think is really an excellent choice. It allows a logged session to track what you’ve read, saved and subscribed to seemlessless carry across any platform — multiple machines or even wireless.

NetNewsWire 2.0 now supports sync which is a great thing if you use more than one mac or and now FeedDemon is getting into the mix as well according to this post I just read from Steve Rubel…

FeedDemon is working on a new feature that will enable users to synchronize posts they read somewhere online with the ones they read in the application, according to a forum post by Nick Bradbury. Looking forward to seeing it. [Micro Persuasion]

This sounds like a cool addition for local and and more local usage. After reading the forum post, it seems like the model will be similar to the way in which NNW does it which is between 2 copies of the app on 2 machines.

In my ideal world, you’d be able to read locally or off the net and seemlessly manage subscriptions and read status like an IMAP email account. I’d like to be able to use NNW on my mac and either Bloglines or FeedDemon on the PC I use for some work. I’ve actually thought about this stuff before… just did a quick search here and found this post mirroring this basic thought from December 2003.

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  1. Bloglines announced that they are offering an API which NetNewsWire and FeedDemon can use to sync to Bloglines. Very cool stuff.

  2. New Bloglines Web Services

    Yesterday I posted I was looking for an RSS sync capability to enable desktop readers and web based services to link … well it looks like that day will come very soon. This is very cool news… (Thanks JP!)

    Three leading desktop news feed and bl…

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