November 2003

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Experts at Wharton weigh in on whether the search engine champ’s strengths–its technology and brand–can offset economic and financial risks. [CNET]

Last month, a hotline recorded calls from New York cell phone users to log places they can’t get a clear signal. Nearly 5,000 calls showed the busy city center may […]

I keep rethinking my Treo thoughts… Bluetooth is far too compelling to pass on and I could easily manage with either the Tungsten 3 or the Sony UX-50. I’ve checked […]

Person wearing iPod spies passerby wearing iPod. Walks up to stranger, unplugs own headphone jack, motions for stranger to do same. Both plug into each other’s iPod’s and dig 30 […]

The carrier said the network would provide customers with average data speeds of between 100 and 130 kilobits per second. The carrier noted the network technology is now available in […]

Verizon is scaling back their plans to convert a thousand New York City pay phones into WiFi hotspots by the end of the year, cutting their target back to just […]

Just one week ago today we welcomed Hannah Elizabeth into our world. She weighed in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 21 inches long. Life has not and will […]

The team at Slimdevices does it again… The new Squeezebox sports a complete hardware redesign, built-in wireless networking capabilities and your choice of digital outputs. It’s available now for $299.

The interface is amazingly similar… Who needs editors?: Microsoft responds to Google News with Newsbot. I’ll have to live with it for a few days to judge its news judgment. […]

and no not the Kmart blue light special. Bluetooth. I am not sure what the issues with the adoption are, whether it’s marketing or what, but now that I’ve taken […]

Are you a one or two piece person?? Do you want it all (phone, PDA) in one or would you prefer the potential flexibility of two devices? As I have […]

The more I’ve messed with the T-610, the more I really like it. I tried my Bluetooth Headset this morning after a full charge (needed 8 hours!). It was very […]

Keeping things nice and consistent, the MS Smartphone is also capable of secretly sending out to everyone in your contact list… Thanks to some magic from AT&T Wireless, it appears […]

Great idea for a great product… is Apple’s latest effort to win the hearts and minds of teen consumers interested in its iPod digital music player. It’s a new […]