Device Options…

I keep rethinking my Treo thoughts…

Bluetooth is far too compelling to pass on and I could easily manage with either the Tungsten 3 or the Sony UX-50. I’ve checked out the Sony, but prefer the way the Tungsten works more, even without Wifi and the keyboard. In messing with my Dad’s Tungsten T last night I remembered how well I know graffiti. With access to my phone, I would be able to have online data access as needed… wifi has mainly been used in my home or office where I have my laptop anyway. Sync and file transfer over bluetooth are very cool as well.

The other main issue is that the Sony costs about 600 bucks, the Tungsten is 400.

iPod Jack

Person wearing iPod spies passerby wearing iPod. Walks up to stranger, unplugs own headphone jack, motions for stranger to do same. Both plug into each other’s iPod’s and dig 30 seconds of what a total stranger is listening to. Smile, unplug, continue on with their respective days. Apparently iPod jacking is a rising meme on college campuses, small communities, etc. []

AT&T announces it’s EDGE

The carrier said the network would provide customers with average data speeds of between 100 and 130 kilobits per second.

The carrier noted the network technology is now available in areas served by its existing GSM/GPRS network, which AT&T Wireless said covers approximately 215 million potential customers across the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico and Bermuda. The carrier plans to deploy EDGE technology throughout its Caribbean properties in the near future.

Pricing for the high-speed data service will be similar to AT&T Wireless’ current GPRS pricing, including an unlimited access plan for $80 per month [RCR Wireless News]