November 2004

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I am not sure if it’s actually a VOIP product, but Time Warner has officially launched their voice product here in NYC. It’s called Digital Phone – a shockingly boring […]

Home Theater blog writes a post comparing HDTV formats… If you’ve been wondering about 1080i or 720p and which is better, you’ll want to read this.

I’ve been enjoying the content at eReader on my various Palms for a while now and am glad to see this addition. I love the link right to the shopping […]

As if blocking the recording of certain programs was not bad enough… commercial blocking is next. No word on when this will come through on cable company DVR boxes but […]

from ditherati… AND HERE YOU THOUGHT THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH WAS A JOKE “Do you think if you’re hunkered down and someone’s shooting at you in your car, you’re […]

Interesting though not surprising info coming from AAF survey on DVRs and the impact on TV advertising…especially given the new push by cable companies to install DVRs. The AAF surveyed […]

I just got my first bill for our home number from AT&T and while the CallVantage service has had a few quirks, I just saved roughly 50% from previous bills […]