February 2003

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This case study of how much a fictional million selling band actually pockets is hilarious. And as far as I know, pretty accurate. [Adam Curry’s Weblog] Sad, sick and “true” […]

Using “Delivery”, one of the sample D.C.L applications, I just installed a package on my Newton over an AirPort connection without entering any IP configuration information. My Newton discovered my […]

Although the web allows for communication on a global scale, I love the local resources it makes available just as much. New York Songlines is a fascinating site with annotated […]

Extremely detailed Sony-Ericsson P800 review. (via dive into mark) Update: And here’s another review, somewhat less positive. (via anonymous emailer) [~stevenf]

LocFinder.org lists over 7800 WiFi nodes, which it claims is the largest directory anywhere. [Werblog]

Why I hate my ISP, Chapter 271: While on the road last week, my email password stopped working. I called my ISP and asked them to reset my password, which […]

Doing a fair bit of file-sharing this evening… As I import Disc 1 of Tosca Delhi 9 (promo copy) into iTunes, I realize that the album (encoded at 192!), which […]

while not surprisingly windows xp only, this looks a tad lame. seems like they are trying VERY hard 2b hip. The idea is interesting though… sharing music with friends, as […]

In order to unsubscribe to an MSN newsletter, you must actually sign into your Passport account. Since I don’t use Hotmail or MSN, my account was put on hold. When […]

I updated my entry on Plucker and OS X (which has drawn an amazing number of people here…) to include the latest and actual OS X installation for jPluck, which […]

This past week I have been messing with a couple of tools: Zoë and POPfile. POPfile, pre-checks, classifies and buckets my mail into the following categories: Commerce, Lists, Newsletters, Personal, […]

AgentArts has release a pair of iTunes scripts that automatically sort out your MP3 library. “Make Playlist Like” is a script that will build playlists of MP3s by artists similar […]

“ZOE can [now] be directly integrated with Apple’s Mail.app by turning every email address and date into hyperlinks inside Mail.app itself.” (!) [Xspot] This could be the coolest Mail utility […]